Venus in Wanderland - Jan 28 2022

Venus Moves Forward on the Heels of the Aquarian New Moon  Time for Sensual Integration of Inner Transformation   The Goddess finally completes her initiatory ascent and begins her renewal process tomorrow, January 29th, when she stations direct. After 40 days of being in retrograde, Venus now moves forward, signaling a green light to take new action based on your new awareness of what needed shifting and releasing that came during her retrograde phase. Maybe that lover that you released from your life made room for you to start dating again, or perhaps it was a friend that you needed to let go of, which now brings you a new more divinely aligned friendship into your life.    What's extra delicious about...

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Venus in Wanderland - January 14, 2022

  Welcome to Venus in Wanderland 2.0!   As we move through the energies of 2022, this blog will be centered around the major astrological energies influencing us, with a particular emphasis on the planet of love, beauty, and romance: Venus.  With each new post released every other Friday, the day of the week correlated to Venus, the focus will be on the upcoming energies for the next two weeks, including major celestial movements. We have speedily made it halfway through the first month of 2022. And we have certainly hit the ground running! Prepare yourself for even more significant shifts and rebirths happening in this year full of potential to expand into your juiciest expression of magic. So, without...

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