Meet The Founder

Hi, I am Nathalia Gilek, founder of Yoni Wanderland.

My journey into sexual healing began after giving birth to my daughter, Olivia.

I felt the physical results from using the Yoni Eggs within my body almost instantly which helped me to quickly recover vaginal tearing and low libido after childbirth… but little did I know I had embarked on a journey of deep emotional healing that went beyond sexual.

On the first months of using the intimate gemstones to explore my body, I felt as if something had sparked inside me, there was a fire, a want, a desire…

A passion for living took over me, I cried, I laughed, it was special. I felt every inch of my body fill with love.

I understood for the first time what it was to really take it slow and love myself, inside and outside of the bedroom…

I learned how to love the act of making love.

This was the beginning of my journey back to regaining my sexual confidence and deep passion for life and that’s how Yoni Wanderland was born.

Wishing you a juicy and life changing journey! Look forward in guiding you every step of the way.

Infinite Love & Light,

Nathália Gilek