Brand Ambassadors

Welcome to our Brand Ambassador Programs! 
Join our enchanted team of Sales Fairies and earn a 15% commission by sharing with your tribe the magic of sexual empowerment, awareness and healing through the use of our intimate gemstones.
How does it work?
After you sign up to the program, you will be provided a link to share with your tribe. You will earn a 15% commission for every sale that comes in through your unique URL. You will also receive access to sign in to track your sales. 
Payment Structure:
All payments will be made via Zelle, Venmo or PayPal on the 5th of every month for sales accumulated from the previous month. Commission payments are made after $100 dollars accumulates in sales. 
How do I sign up? 
Signing up is simple! Click on the link below and follow instructions to register your new account: 
Monthly Rewards Program: (Only valid for Brand Affiliates)
Sprinkle Magic and get rewarded! Reach our top 3 goals and qualify to win a gift at the end of every month. The gift is yours to keep for personal use, to resell it or to add to your display collection to boost sale and showcase to your clients/friends.  
Star Goal – $350+ in sales = 1 Medium Yoni Egg (Valued at $55.00)
Moon Goal - $750+ in sales = 1 Medium Yoni Egg (Valued at $55.00) + 1 Petal (Valued at $39.00)
Orgasmic Goal - $1,500+ in sales = 1 Pleasure Wand (Valued at $135.00 or less)
For more information on how to become a retailer of our products, please email us your inquiry to: