VENUS IN WANDERLAND - Week of May 6 - 12, 2021

Week of May 6 - 12
Moving into mid-May, a powerful and reharmonizing transformation in love takes place. May 5th, 6th, and 7th are significant dates of changes and regaining the loss of balance within us and our relationships will be important this week. Our home is highlighted this week and it will be highly beneficial to do things like rearranging furniture, decorating with flowers, and cooking to open creative blockages and invites comfort into our personal space. A sweet and subtle but bold desire to express our love for life and others takes center this week through sacrifices of love leading to a refreshing new moon in Aries on May 11. This new moon marks the beginning of a new personal adventure closely associated with work, status, and personal desires which will be excellent to plant seeds of positive action on the 13th and 14th. The week ends on a joyful note with group activities that take up into this new phase that may seem like a wish fulfilled.
This week arouses the sensual and feminine nature of love making and learning what touch, taste, and sound turn our lovers on, which proves to increase pleasure in the bedroom. It’s about being completely giving or completely receptive at one given moment which makes it a good time to talk about things that turn us on and those that turn us off.
Fresh fruits, greens, and root vegetables help to anchor and maintain the balance we need this week. Steamed white rice, oatmeal, citrus, and apples nourish the lungs, relieve tension, and regulate body temperature. Wearing red, whites, and greens are recommended during this period and the diamond is the precious stone of this week to help empower decisions and bring balance and clarity in work, love, and creative endeavors as well as benefiting those experiencing difficulties during this time.
With Love, Dr. V
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