VENUS IN WANDERLAND- Week of May 13 -19, 2021

Week of May 13 -19
Committed to love, happiness, abundance, and beauty, Venus this week moves through a part of Taurus where she bubbles with affection and warmth for those around her whom she values most. Making us possessive by nature, ultimatums in commitment are validated as now we know what we need to feel good and secure in love and won’t settle for anything less. Those in relationships will experience a rekindling of deep love and joy with a flare of jealousy and a sharp tongue in expressing displeasures while those who are single open their hearts again to new connections while maintaining a focus on stabilizing work and finances. The energy this week is nothing short of magical and being swept off one’s feet can lead to falling off track with everyday responsibilities. Sensuality is through the roof and so is overindulgence on the good things in life. This week is soft, flowery, and sweet.
Touch, tastes, and smells are the doorways to the heart and finding new and colorful ways to express these with our lovers opens us to elaborate sexual experiences and pleasures that are difficult to contain. Flower petals, sensual perfume oils and toys make everything spicy and sweet between the sheets. Connecting with Rose Quartz will open and expand your heart chakra, enhancing romane and love all around.
Digestive issues can be cumbersome this period, especially if there’s overindulgence in sweets. Refraining from fried or excessively spicy foods will keep you feeling lighter and fresher this week. Watermelon, berries, bitter greens like spinach and kale, and a variety of tubers help to anchor and maintain the balance we need this week. Steamed white rice, oatmeal, citrus fruits, and apples are still wonderful foods to incorporate into diet to nourish the lungs, relieve tension, and regulate body temperature. Wearing shades of red, pinks, and greens are recommended during this period and the pearl is the precious stone associated with this week and attracts emotional openness and stability in love as well as benefits those experiencing difficulties during this time.
With Love, Dr. V
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