VENUS IN WANDERLAND - Week of April 1-7, 2021

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We are putting a lot of love and effort into making Venus in Wanderland a part of your daily routine as guide to enrich your self-pleasure and self-care practices and bring valuable content into your life.
So… as per the request of the majority, we have converted Venus in Wanderland into a weekly blogs and broken down our love-scope into smaller fragments for a quicker and easier read to enhance even more your connection with this sexy planet.
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Now let’s you to Venus….
April 2021 - Week of April 1-7
April begins with Venus transiting Pisces and opportunity for leisurely travel, time near the ocean, and bed pleasures makes us sacrificial and devoted to our loved ones. The tone of this energy is soft, slow, and giving. Infused with a sextile to Mars in Taurus, this week ignites a strong burning passion within us for us to delight in sensual activities and experiences with our partners or new love interests. It’s a perfect time to slow down and do activities that nourish the soul. Sensuality is wholesome, physical, but also dreamy during this time and thoughts or talks about marriage, children, and new ideas linger and peak between the 7th and 10th of April which comes to us after a striking realization at the end of March that revealed what’s making us feel unhappy or unable to enjoy life in new ways. After a period of either pure enjoyment or difficulty with our lovers, the need for compromises that take our own spiritual desires into account becomes apparent.
The physical exhaustion that comes with the wanning moon will make us a little lazier than usual and have us hitting the snooze button so we can cuddle with legs intertwined. A deep and sweet unspoken love is felt for others and we’ll want to express this side of ourselves through affectionate touch with a slightly naughty flare. This may be a good time to surrender to the pleasurable sensations of a BumBum Plug. Whispering secret fantasies, using our lips, thighs, and buttocks are most arousing under the influences of moon transits this week.
Fish and other oceanic foods are appropriate for this time and nurture the kidneys, sexual organs, and increase libido. Pairing it with a Twist Cherry Yoni Wand might be just the spark you need to ignite the passion. Shades of brown are recommended during this period while Lapis Lazuli, Black Tourmaline, and Amethyst will all stimulate the positive aspects of this transit and benefit those experiencing difficulties during this time.
With Love, Dr. V
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