Venus In Wanderland - February 2021

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Here is the February edition of Venus in Wanderland - our monthly ‘love-scope’ focusing on Venus - the planet of love, pleasure, and values, including your relationship with finances and material possessions. Consider this to also be a guide for self-pleasure and self-care practices including tips and crystals to enhance your connection with this sexy planet. Sit back, relax, and let us take you to Venus!

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February 2021: “Grownup Love”
This February, Venus transits through all of Capricorn, ending the month in Aquarius.
The month begins with the rejuvenation of brand-new love, either within an existing relationship through commitment or with an entirely new love interest. Our love, sensuality, and relationships will have transformed on multiple levels, seemingly by force from the pressures of external circumstances. This process redefines our values in love and work and influences intimacy in a deep and practical way. February helps us recognize our need for stable foundations in partnerships and take actions necessary to ground a love rooted in deep trust. By the latter half of the month, we’ll have the opportunity to reap the benefits of our decisions, travel for leisure, and experience a breath of fresh air after a period of reorganization and tending to life changing responsibilities.
The first half of February is filled with work and responsibilities that can have us fall back into old habits in the bedroom. This is a time where our minds and bodies crave organization and dependability, elements that play a large role in our ability to explore new ways of connecting on an intimate level. There’ll be a strong and bold sexual energy underlying everything we do and we’re more likely to step into a more dominating role sexually as our need for control comes to the surface from deep within the root chakra. As relationships step into more serious grounds, our sexuality transforms and becomes an incredibly important in repairing any fractures of trust experienced in the previous months. Communication about our emotions can be difficult through this phase because it’s a time for more action and less talking. The Fire Quartz Yoni Egg facilitates deep understanding between lovers and removes barriers during communication and can be very a beneficial stone to use at this time. The most delicious part of February’s first half is feeling like we are coming back to ourselves, back to our bodies, and feeling sensual experiences at a very carnal level, making it easy to become fixated or even addicted to sensations. Intimacy becomes a pleasant outlet for us while we’re dealing with obligations to stabilize our domestic lives and eases tension and pressure we’re feeling from these changes. Valentine’s day is this month’s sophisticated trade mark and taking the time to plan a well thought out day and evening with your loved one can make it special and memorable.
Towards the last week of February, Venus moves into Aquarius and we get to experience a rejuvenating breath of fresh air. Our hearts get a little lighter and the opportunity for travel within partnerships reinvigorate us. This is an ideal time to do social activities and attend group events for couples and singles. The need to feel our individuality, especially within committed relationships, is highlighted the second half of February. Communication improves dramatically and this will be a great time to express our needs and expectations over drinks or on a plane. This energy also lends itself to new and daring sensual experiences with our partners, though it’s important to give others the freedom to participate in these activities without feeling pressured. Outdoor and aquatic activities helps relieve us of the pressures we place on ourselves and this creates a more harmonious exchange within partnerships. For singles, this is a great time to meet someone with common interests. There’s a light-hearted sense of humor in the air that allows us the freedom to be ourselves and allow others to do the same. Love and relationships carry a slightly more independent tone and our sexuality becomes centered in finding personal pleasure. This may make us or our partners seem selfish but remaining open minded to try new things can breathe new life into our intimate connections. The month ends highlighting our individuality and need for fun after making commitments, renewing old ones, and redefining our needs and values in love and work.
With February being a month of demands, obligations, and responsibilities, intimacy can possibly take a back seat for a shirt while so making the best of this time and doing practical things for our loved ones is key. Sophistication is our signature and the root chakra is highlighted this month. Slow cooked foods like stews, roasted meats, and vegetables help regenerate blood and give us the energy we need to meet the physical demands of our work, home, and relationships. Tomatoes, dark berries, plums, and variations of dark chocolate are potent blood producers and light enough to keep a sensual appetite.
The ruling color for February is black, browns, and charcoal greys. All these are beneficial in bringing out our ability to feel powerful and put together. Wearing these activate the kidneys and keep us in touch with the deeper more steadfast aspect of ourselves. Crystals that make us feel powerful and protected from negative energies in February are Ruby, Agate, Garnet, and Black Obsidian or other precious stones black or grey in color, like Smokey Quartz. As Venus moves through Aquarius towards the end of the month, Amethyst helps us see things clearer and with fresh perspective. It helps open the third eye stone allowing us to see what’s right in front of us and reevaluate or redefine new “love interests” objectively.
With Love, Dr. V

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