Venus in Wanderland: Nurture Yourself Back to Wholeness

Basking in the love and nurturance of the Cancer sun, with wild + rowdy Venus in Gemini settling for nothing less than having all the options, we gear up towards a powerful transformative full moon in Capricorn on July 13th.
Featuring a flow of energy between Venus and Saturn, this full moon comes jam-packed with the pleasure of our efforts bearing fruits that fulfill the soul. This aspect has Venus inviting you to commit deeper to your relationships, to your pleasure. She gives you permission to say "yes" to those more traditional norms you uphold.
Whatever issues may be coming up in your relationships, the invitation to talk things through (Gemini Venus) leads to stable conflict resolution and freedom (Aquarius Saturn).
The Capricorn full moon expands on these Saturnian values, giving us an opportunity to re-parent ourselves so that we may transform into a more authentically expressed version of ourselves.
Your inner parenting will be necessary with the Venus square Neptune aspect during this moon, where you may be more prone to being influenced by others, especially lovers, whom you hold on a pedestal or perceive to be "more than" you.
The Goddess reminds you that you have the Goddess power within. Only you can take that away from you.
Venus begins to wrap her journey through chatty, effervescent, and curious Gemini, when on July 17th, she moves into Cancer. Here, she is all about staying in her hermit shell. She's not the most comfortable here as she is more of a social butterfly, but through her inward Cancer transit the invitation for you is to drop into a deeper relationship with yourself and heal from the inside out.
This is a great time to bring family into the equation: spend time with family (blood or soul), discuss future family and home plans with a partner, beautify your home, receive nurturing through nourishing self-care practices. Venus in Cancer reminds us to take care of our inner temple & home.
Suggested crystals to work with:
  • Blue Agate - The Anchor of Harmony & Balance: Grounding stone that connects you with Earth, bringing the emotional, physical and mental into balance. Helps you remain calm, rational, and make better decisions especially when surrounded by chaos. Assists in finding practical solutions to difficult problems. Brings you a sense of peace and support when you feel scattered or overwhelmed by modern life.
  • Rhodonite - The Stone of Compassion: Balances the heart chakra, processes and clears emotional wounds. Nurtures love and balances emotions. Aids in release of fear and overcome feelings of hatred, anger and resentment. Releases blocked energies from within the heart.
The following rituals can be done solo or in partnership. The astrological key here is to be compassionate, empathetic, secure in your emotions, and nurturing. Create a sacred space in your playroom by lighting some candles, burning incense, placing an altar, & playing sexy music.
  • Breast & Womb Massage: Cancer is connected to the breasts & womb, the mothering parts of our bodies. Spend some time giving yourself a breast & womb massage. Using a Yoni Wand during this practice can really support you in moving stagnant emotional energy, especially in your womb. You can also make this a more erotic ritual by engaging your partner in the massaging.
    • Use the wand or yoni egg to massage the areas with it in a circular-spiral motion starting from the center and moving outwards, then outwards moving in. Also massage the areas, particularly your womb, in a down stroke toward your yoni.
    • As you're holding on to the crystal, feel into what your body asks and allow for whatever wants to move through to do so: cry, laugh, breathe, yell. Program into the crystal how you want to feel and what you are releasings. Your body knows the way.
    • For extra invigoration, incorporate the Organic Yoni & Body Massage Oil into your ritual!
  • Sexy Bubble Bath: Few self-care practices scream "nurture me!" more than a bubble bath. Grab your essential oils, Himalayan & Epsom salts, bubble-making bath wash,  and Intimate Yoni Wash with Calendula, and treat yourself to a sexy & nurturing bath (bonus points for glass of wine or champagne!). As you sit in the bath, reflect upon where you are in life and where you've come from. Allow the alchemy of water to soothe your tension and release whatever needs to be released. Baths around full moons are a great way to stay centered amidst chaos.
Spice the bath up by inviting your Yoni Wand to play during bath time and explore your inner womb with it. Also, if your bath comes with a shower head… well you already know what to do ;)
For extra, extra spice, invite your partner to play in the bath too. Make the focal point taking care of each other: washing & rubbing soap on each other. The breast and womb massage ritual above can happen here too!
  • Nurturing Date: After you are both feeling freshly invigorated and cared for after the bath, go out on a date with your partner (or take yourself out on one!) centered around nurturing each other. Think getting your home cleaned by a professional and then cooking a gourmet meal at home, or going out and spending the day at a spa. Maybe you go have a water date at the beach, river, or lake. Make this date intentionally cozy, lovely, and romantic. Immersing in water is just what Venus in Cancer calls for.
Vanessa Kristina
Astrologer and Writer
Vanessa Kristina, founder of Mystik Monark, helps Mystik Misfits to uncover their Divine Purpose and shine light on their shadows through a no-BS spiritual counseling approach. Mystik Monark's mission is to connect Society to Divinity, one soul at a time.
As an Evolutionary Astrologer & Akashic Records Practitioner, Vanessa guides clients out of the existential spiritual closet and through dark nights of the soul so that they can unlock authentic expression and create their dream lives to experience the freedom, joy, and abundance of their soul-selves, through her signature Inner Mystik Mastery program. As a former corporate attorney, she integrates pragmatic actionable guidance with esoteric wisdom, inspiring a deep inner standing of who we are and who we came here to be.

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