Yoni Egg Charm Pendant Necklace
YONICHÄRMS - Yoni Wanderland Necklace
YONICHÄRMS - Yoni Wanderland Necklace
YONICHÄRMS - Yoni Wanderland Necklace
 Necklace Quartz


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Designed to keep you always connected to your Sacred Space, our YoniChärm Necklace serves as a totem to help you manifest your heart’s most sincere desires.

Feel the Magic of this symbolic charm by carrying around your neck, a delicate egg-shaped crystal full of healing vibrations.

You can also program it using affirmations that will keep you aligned with your life’s purpose and intention and connect back to it every time you wear it.

Heals emotional & mental bodies. Assists in Karmic healing & clearing blocked channels. Calms fiery emotions & reinforces decisiveness. Crystal of leadership. Related to the throat chakra, helps with communication.

Absorbs & expels negative energy. Releases sexual traumas & emotional blockages stored in the body. Emanates protection & security. Cleanses body, mind & soul. Works very quickly.

Helps attract love & romance into your life. Releases worry, heals all aspects of the heart & facilitates forgiveness. Amplifies self love & care.


 On a cellular level, both our bodies and crystals are made up of mineral silicone-dioxide so they can absorb our vibrations just as much as we can absorb theirs. Therefore, it is just as important to program and charge our crystals as it is to energetically cleanse it. Once you have energetically cleanse your crystal, it is time to program it by setting an intention or affirmation. This can be done by placing under the sun or moon light as explained above, as this will program the crystal during a specific timeframe or moon cycle. You can also set a daily intention/affirmation for your practice before using your yoni egg by holding it with your hands and placing it close to your heart as you think or speak your intention/affirmation. For example, you may have a crystal that has been energetically programmed to bring love into your life, but your daily affirmation may be something more specific such as “I give and receive love in a balanced way.”