Book of sexontological affirmations


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Author: Pia Battaglia 

This is a book that you can read in order or not. It is also made so that you can randomly open it, oracularly, so that the answers that the universe and its infinite magic have reserved for you, come. 


Affirmations, we know, serve to modify behavioral patterns and beliefs that - often without realizing it - limit our growth in various areas in life. The word has the power to create realities. Affirmations, which are made to be repeated as mantras, help us not only to create but also to believe that what we affirm is indeed true. 

In this book you will find 96 affirmations - grouped under the four elements, fire, earth, water and air - that will allow you to know, to think, to modify patterns and beliefs related to sexuality, a force that goes beyond sexual encounters and that is present in many areas of our lives. Sexuality is a center of internal power, from which our vital and creative impulses come out. Transforming your sexuality is transforming your life and vice-versa. 

The Affirmations of Fire speak to you about your inner flame: the potential in you to be your best version and reach success. 

The Affirmations of Earth reminds you what you need to sow, water, nurture within you to flourish in all your splendor. 

The Affirmations of Water help you to fine-tune the process of communication and coexistence with others, with your partner or future partners to achieve a fluid relationship. 

The affirmations of Air will serve you to connect with your inner breath, with that which is divine and sacred in your whole-being. 

Use these statements to implement the necessary changes and improvements in your sexuality and your existence. Use them to help your create the sexuality you want to live, and live the sexuality you want to create.

Enjoy the journey!