VENUS IN WANDERLAND - Week of April 29-May 5, 2021

Week of April 29-May 5
The first week of May is impactful, transformational, and purifying. Venus transits the later part of Aries and brings into question any negative influences that are hindering the flow of love, creativity, and abundance in our lives. We’ll need to face taking simple and sincere responsibility in order to develop our communication skills, relationships, and financial stability. Feeling empowered to confront difficult situations throughout this week will be the underlying current while maintaining a realistic optimism will help us get over hurdles with our loved ones. Relationships that’ve suffered fractures in the recent past will be highlighted throughout the entire week with May 1st being a significant day for all relationships. A continuation of adjustments to new unions or separations are best if taken on at a practical level, like planning, making phone calls, spending money in moderation, and making necessary adjustments in our eating habits.
We come to understand the spiritual significance of sex and intimacy, how responsible we are with it, and the value it has our love life. Sex takes on a very spiritual energy during this time, perfect for deep Tantric lovemaking that satisfies our physical and sensual urges that purifies our soul.
Foods like grains, fresh red fruits, and lightly seasoned vegetables are ideal for this period and nourish the lungs and fluids of the body. Greens will help maintain an easy flow of energy and emotions for those feeling frustrations during this time. White is the most beneficially color to wear this week while white sapphire diamonds and Rubies empower, stimulate love, and assists in the shedding of negativities as well as benefit those experiencing difficulties during this time.
With Love, Dr. V
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