VENUS IN WANDERLAND - October 6, 2021 - Virgo New Moon

October 6, 2021 - Virgo New Moon, Sideral Astrology
The Virgo new moon begins a phase of focus and determination in self advancement.  Having much to do with regard for our future, financial stability, and job security, this new moon is a grand opportunity to make plans that organize oneself in these areas and will provide the resources needed to do so if one is able to allow the help and support of others.  A new sense of independence is initiated during this phase that encourages a beginner’s mind and creates tenderness in the heart to sincerely approach one’s individual work, home, and health circumstances with a goal-oriented attitude. Given recent changes and transformations within ourselves and relationships, the outlook of our future may have changed in unexpected ways.  No matter what new goals or focuses we’re contemplating now, this new moon promises stability, financial progress, and success through hard work, flexibility, and sociability with others.  It’s a wonderful phase to conduct business, begin new educational ventures, have financial dealings, become involved in social activities, and deal with the public in general.  Connecting with Clear Quartz will bring you clarity and focus on these new endeavors and Green Aventurine will keep you aligned with prosperity and good luck in financial activities.
Venus makes for a shift in the focus of relationships and brings success in love with effort. The goddess of love, beauty, and abundance undergoes a transformation like that of a lotus flower blossoming through the adversity of muddy waters and reflects this change in our relationships.  In the bedroom, an erotic edge comes into play through dirty talk and little games like “touch-and-grab”.  Giving in to deeply suppressed sexual desires exposes the naughtier aspects of our sensuality that urge to be stroked by our partners, reawakening sexual attraction and revealing tensions hidden beneath our everyday mundane activity.  This can make for a pleasurable explosion of sexual urges that find their way through touch, accentuating the use of our lips, tongue, hands, and the lower back and buttocks. Sexual exploration of fantasies in the bedroom enrichens us, satisfies our physical needs, and deepen trust to explore new sexual adventures with that special someone.  For those in relationships, a deep love and regard for one another emerges from the trials of difficulties and adversities encountered together and a beautiful renewal takes place through mutually deciding to release negative obsessive behavior and make positive changes in health and communication in an affectionate and loving way that supports the future of the relationship.  This may mean an adjustment in health habits and exchanging toxic behaviors like secrecy, promiscuity, or the overindulgence of toxic substances for emotional availability, sincerity, and pleasurable activities.  Amethyst and Blue Aventurine make great allies when dealing with additions and overindulgence of any kind. Those who are single will experience a purifying spiritual renewal that changes core values of love and self-respect, ultimately aligning them with their true desires and those who vibrate the same frequency that later in the month will open the door to a freer truer love. Spending some time in nature like forests and mountains supports the process of this phase, overall revealing sexually empowering desires begging to be nurtured and experienced.


With Love, 
Dr. V


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