March 2021: “Healing Love”
In March, Venus transits through Aquarius and Pisces placing the feminine in the forefront of endeavors as she travels under the rays of the sun the entire month. She leads in love, humanitarian efforts, and art all the way through to the full moon at the end of March. March begins with an overwhelming sense self-love and empowerment that calls for recognition from others, including partners and those within our social circles. This will open a universal loving side of us that’ll help us see our way out onto dance floors, open air events, and gatherings centered around humanitarian purpose. Within partnerships, there’s conversation and special attention placed on what needs to be released in order to understand each other, help one another and make changes that work. There’s a dreamy romance connected to this period that helps us see others from a more open hearted and accepting perspective. This expands the love shared for one another but also a mutual love shared for others. The theme this March is healing love. Crystals like Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine opens and connects to the heart chakra and are beneficial at this time. If a reconciliation was experienced in late February, this is the time to share warm affection that smooths the tension experienced in February.
The first half of March will be experienced with some leisure after working on establishing new projects and redefining the status of relationships. Our sensual side will have a flare of fun and creative spark to try new things that have been expressed by our partners in conversation. This might be a good time to experience making love using a non-drilled Yoni Egg. Crystals suggested during this period is Carnelian as it enhances creativity, passion and desire and Clear Quartz to unleash vaginal wisdom and amplify sensual sensitivity. With a more open heart by this time, we’re willing to be a bit more selfless in the realm of lovemaking and find pleasure in pleasing our partner. This is, of course, balanced through a heightened awareness of our own personal desires. Recognizing what we want helps us go with a flow of love that feels soulful and spiritual. March also has pleasant surprises and gifts in store, which will be different for all of us individually but generally speaking, these surprises are invigorating and maybe even a bit daring. There may be some anxiety tied to this month associated with needing to be in multiple places at once. This has potential to make us feel aloof with our partners and is something that can be remedied with the practice of being present in the moment. If met with the challenge of anxiously not knowing what to do or where to be, the suggestion is to step through uncertainty and make a solid decision. Connecting with a Jade Yoni Egg at this time is ideal to strengthen and soothe the nervous system to bring emotional balance, stability and well-being. The opportunity to travel across waters or to move to a new residence is high during this time and can be a pivoting experience in relationships that have become weighed down by heavy responsibilities and obligations brought about in February.
March highlights love that allows us to express our individuality in unusual ways and intelligent conversation becomes an aphrodisiac. The new moon in Aquarius at midmonth will give us the opportunity to partake in gatherings with friends and enjoy the sensual aspects of nightlife and group activities like friendly flirting. There’s an opportunity with this new moon to open up to our lovers about a side of us we keep well-hidden and, to our surprise, we may find we’re more accepted and appreciated for it than we’d expect.
Breath control is key all this month and a perfect time to start practicing Yoni Breathing. As this new moon opens the door to Tantric love making wide open and makes sexual healing deeply spiritual and accessible. The latter half of March builds so much on the spiritual aspect of our sexuality and can make us feel fluid in movement, dance, and lovemaking which enhances our experience with our partners- all this for the sake of healing. Venus here has the ability to be a wise healer and is characterized by the blooming of a lotus flower. On a more esoteric level, sexuality opens a deep energetic channel between two partners and a strong exchange of cosmic energy through lovemaking is felt more now than during other times of the year. Towards the end of March, our relationships and level of intimacy with our partners will have changed drastically as she finishes the month in Pisces, where she is exalted, celebrated, and pleased. By this time, breakthroughs in intimacy (within ourselves and with our partners) will allow us to enjoy hidden bed pleasures, be more comfortable in our skin, and share secrets that create new bonds. The month ends with a full moon in Libra, which brings our relationships to a peak, shedding light on how to peacefully move forward into a new phase with others, and inspiring us to change something about the way we look.
Since healing love is the highlight this month, nourishing our kidneys and nervous system through Jade Yoni Egg practices, breathing exercises and a lighter diet will help us feel harmonious with March’s changes. All sea foods like fish, shellfish, and sea weeds are beneficial to consume in this regard. In addition to this, lighter foods light vegetable broths, cucumbers, watermelon, and minty herbs will help us keep up with the pace of this month that requires we have a clear mind with light thoughts. Heavier foods like processed sugars, meat, or fried foods can make us feel weighed down and create anxiety or lethargy. Always consult with your primary care physician or general practitioner when making any lifestyle or dietary changes, especially if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or under any prescription medications.
The ruling colors for March are aquamarine, silver, and purple and are beneficial in connecting us to a higher clearer universal energy and soothe the nervous system. Crystals of these colors like Amethyst, clear quartz, and aquamarine help us feel connected to higher intelligence. Charging your crystals or wands under the moon this month enhances this energy. Amethyst helps us see things clearer and with fresh perspective and helps open the third eye.
With Love, Dr. V
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