VENUS IN WANDERLAND - July 23, 2021 - Capricorn Full Moon

July 23, 2021
As we move through the last part July and into August, we begin the process of refining long-term plans.  With Venus, this means accepting and understanding the practical aspects of relationships from talking and touching to shared responsibilities in the home and family which, essentially, are symbols of our invested time, energy, emotion. This phase also initiates the process of change regarding family dynamics, for example a shift in responsibilities or leadership roles.  We may find ourselves toggling between planning, working, and celebrating achievements meanwhile, completely inspired to leave the heavy aspects of the past behind, heal, and start anew.  This full moon inspires to release what’s been weighing us down having to do with work and family for the last 3 years but more intensely since winter solstice.  A strong inspiration rises to the surface of our lives from the depths of our soul with a confidence and determination impossible to ignore.  This is our biggest blessing this month.  Taking calculated risks with investments that expand our knowledge in areas of creativity or personal interests will likely bode well for the future and satisfy us emotionally.  Our relationship with money also comes to the forefront of our life, prompting a change or transformation in the ways we handle it.  On one hand we’ll feel a strong need to restrict spending while on the other hand creative inspiration pulls us towards purchases that define our new life’s- for example clothes, accessories, and household items that represent our ideal creative self.  Essentially, we have to recognize the ebb and flow of money in our life and when to contract and expand our spending to make responsible financial decisions but also enjoy ourselves. 

Love, sensuality, and creativity will increase by the day as Mars and Venus transit Leo making us more likely to take risks with self-expression.  Kisses, kisses, and more kisses heal and smooth our rough edges as an aura of love surrounds us during the last week of July which attracts love, friendliness, and soulmate connections.
Seeing or making art helps push through creative and emotional boundaries this month and August.  In romance, recognizing and respecting one another’s individual aspirations is an important part of the growth this moon phase brings.  After July 28th, there’ll be some time for leisure and the enjoyment of the fruits of labors with our loved ones as we enjoy new love and the renewal of old love that brings warm and sweet changes we can look forward to.  There’s a physical closeness we experience during this phase likely followed by some distance within partnerships due to the need to achieve personal goals.  The stronger intimate bonds are formed in July, the easier this process will be in August.  Those who are single will feel motivated and independent with an open heart to receive new exciting and adventurous opportunities.


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