VENUS IN WANDERLAND - August 8, 2021 - Cancer New Moon

August 8, 2021 - Cancer New Moon 
The month of August rings with accomplishments from strengths while revealing personality weaknesses.  This moon brings a combination of both experiences into our lives on a personal level, showing us what’s special about us as individuals but also what about our lives needs more devotion and refinement.  This will create a little bit of struggle in feeling completely happy or fulfilled but gives the opportunity to see an aspect of ourselves objectively, influencing us to make quick, optimistic, and openhearted decisions good for our growth.
Venus’s placement influences our relationships, love, and finances by making us idealistic and perfectionists.  This has potential to create disappointments, particularly in relationships and finances if we’re not practical about the changes we want to make and see in these areas of our life.  In essence, this phase is a fine-tuning process in home, love, work, and money that’s better approached slowly and honestly. Essentially, this phase gives the opportunity to restart something that makes our heart happy and content, however, requiring us to understand and forgive past mistakes so we can do our best to not repeat them.
 Anchoring these energies to stones like Red Jasper, Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine will bring great clarity and benefit. It’s also a good time to cease addictive behaviors that’ve posed issues in any area of our life, so connecting with amethyst is great to help overcome addiction and blockages of all kinds.
The home is the abode of love and comfort this phase. Redecorating, reorganizing, even moving from one home to another will play an important role in emotional fulfillment as emphasis is placed on dealing with uncomfortable or challenging situations in the home. Taking decisive action to make changes or remove oneself from negative or stressful situations become impossible to ignore.  Being with people we love and care about is the nectar of this monophase as we strive to strike a balance between work and home.  Although there will be some obstacles in this, this moon offers a loving energy that allows us to have a reasonable tolerance for partners and embrace imperfections with empathy as Venus gives us a special boost of confidence in ourselves and others.  
Unconditional love reveals itself while circumstantial or conditional relationships are weeded out. In love, jealousy and possessiveness can surface and be a topic of discussion needing attention and understanding.  A realistic expression of our joys, hurts, and expectations is super important in all relationships and talking about them will clear karmas that’ve built up until now, reopening the door to intimacy, trust, and a new embrace for things as they are.  Although there’s a corkiness that comes with it, there’s a safe and secure sweetness to it that allows us to share hidden parts of ourselves, like the softer inside of the crab.  Specific homebound activities like redecorating, cooking, and cleaning, are remedies that build trust and security within relationships and create a warm and inviting environment which will later become a reason and place for celebration.
Dr. V, Astrologer and Writer
New Moon Ritual: New moon gives us the opportunity to leave behind what no longer serves us and opens space to welcome something new. Create a space where you can tune in and align with this energy and take sometime to reflect, set new goals and create new habits. Light a candle, write yourself a letter and then use the fire of the candle to burn it. Your intentions will dissolve into the universe and magic will be created. Ideal to cleanse your crystals to renew and rebalance their energies to align with your new intentions.

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