VENUS IN WANDERLAND - August 22, 2021 - Aquarius Full Moon

August 22, 2021 - Aquarius Full Moon
The later half of August brings unexpected changes with respect to how we identify ourselves with our social circles and with our friends and family. It carries the energy of breakthroughs that occur through doubtful action and ushers in a sense of personal fulfillment and joy with an element of surprise after deviating from one’s personal duties and responsibilities to please, entertain, and fulfill the needs of others over the last 6 months.  The essence of this moon is to move to the drum of life around us and to selflessly serve our environment in some spiritual way without abandoning our own needs.  The inspiration to take further action towards our dreams comes through together with love and happiness, especially after the 24th. The lesson to learn with this moon phase is to discern which responsibilities and how much of them are worth taking on so that we don’t drown in the demands of others. Above all, this moon brings unexpected opportunities and surprises within family, friendships, romance, and the duty we have in these areas of our life.
Venus’s transit nudges us to create and maintain stability and organization in the workplace and home.  Partnerships have mutual understanding and desire to find balance between the negative and positive aspects of one another and how any imbalance of these compromises the relationship.  She’ll prompt us to look at where we’ve been selfish about our expectations of others helping to bring some sort of negotiation into conversation.  However, it’s worth knowing that harmony within romantic relationships is meant to be experienced more than spoken about during this phase.  Too much conversation will dimmish the value of action, feeling, and experience gifted to couples with this transit.  Those who are single experience several unexpected opportunities in work and love through this entire phase and a focus on maintaining equilibrium and a steady commitment to chores and duties will appease Venus and bring financial blessings.  Although a steady increase of passion may make it easy to make up after a breakup, it’s important to remember healing love fractures comes through a mutual reverence of trust and intimacy. After the full moon we move to a period of joy and happiness that will require acceptance, emotional healing and a new way of seeing and being
With love, Dr. V
Astrologer and writer. 

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