VENUS IN WANDERLAND - Week of April 15-22, 2021

Week of April 15-22
The third week of April, Venus is energetic, luminous, and sëxual. She moves through the week transformed from past relationship and financial issues and her sëx drive is turned up with strong resolve. Most of the week is exciting but balance will be a challenge to achieve with others, and compromises are still needed between partnerships. The ability to tackle unresolved mundane issues comes into focus this week while the bedroom takes on a “less thinking, more lovemaking” kind of vibe. There’s still chance for strong conflict but after the 16th, the confusion between two paths clears and devotion sets. New directions feel like they have no solid form yet, so making unique moves in the bedroom and trying new adventurous things will invigorate and keep us from falling back into old unwanted behaviors. Whether you are single or in a committed partnership, the week ends on an very emotional note through a conversation or realization that leads to making a wise choice in love that speaks to your ideals and future stability. A nourishing, sensual, and very healing period follows the hectic adjustments of the week.
Having a raw no-nonsense appeal comes naturally and proves to be energizing and therapeutic. A special desire to resolve problems and satisfy sexual needs transforms into a sultry exploration of sexuality with the help of luxurious jewelry and accessories. Using a Jade Yoni Egg might be just the perfect fit to tune into this energy.
All fresh fruits are still the best choice of foods to move through these heated days, watermelon, strawberries, cherries, and other berries nourish the heart and are the right match to increase the libido and refresh our bodies. Cooler foods like celery and green apple detoxify the liver. Blood red and whites are recommended during this period while Cat’s eye and diamonds stimulate strength, elegance, and other positive aspects of this transit as well as benefit those experiencing difficulties during this time.
With Love, Dr. V
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