Venus in Wanderland: Yoni Ritual for New Moon in Virgo

A new season is upon us. Reeling off the high intensity energy of Leo, we now move fully into Virgo season, with the New Moon in Virgo happening on the 27th.
As with all new moons, the time is ripe to gain clarity in your life and set intentions for what wants to be birthed the next lunar cycle.
Virgo is the Virgin, the Maiden. Often misconstrued in society as someone (usually a woman) who is chaste and hasn't had sex in her life, the Virgin archetype truly has little to do with sex and more to do with purity of embodiment of the Divine Feminine.
The Virgin is a woman unto herself. She is perfect, whole, and complete because she sees herself as the Divine image of God, of the Goddess. She is devoted to her Divine purpose.
Thus, the journey into Virgo invites us into a quest for purpose, for service to our soul path, for devotion to the Goddess, and in turn, ourselves.
Venus will feature prominently in her energy this lunar cycle. Featuring a square to Uranus and opposition to Saturn, there will be some necessary tests of patience in our relationships to work through this lunar cycle. Expect some tumultuous happenings and disruptions in your ability to connect to your center of power and confidence. Invite the perspective of, "how is this situation showing me how I can grow into a stronger, more self-sufficient person and in relationship with others?"
Venus doesn't move into the sign of Virgo herself until September 4th. Here, she takes a critical turn where a deep desire for perfection and quelling our judgements of ourselves and others arises. The key to moving through it all? Falling radically in love with ALL parts of you, especially the ones that are harder to love.
Suggested crystals to work with:
  • Blue Quartz: Balances throat & third-eye chakra and areas in the body that feel sluggish or inactive. Promotes energy & motivation. Restores passion & libido. Calm emotions & reactivates passion for living. Effective tool for aura cleansing & eliminating blockages. Enhances focus, self-control and organizational skills.
  • Rose Quartz: Helps attract love & romance into your life. Releases worry, fear & emotional trauma. Heals all aspects of the heart & facilitates forgiveness & compassion. Amplifies self love & care. Stabilizing stone for heart trauma and imbalance. Stimulates blood circulation in the tissues.
Virgo rules the small intestine, pancreas, liver, and solar plexus in the physical body, essentially the organs in our bodies which assist in the detoxification of impurities in our system. The suggested crystal focus on this cleansing property ripe of Virgo energy, including focus and organization which are also Virgoan aspects.
The following rituals can be done solo or in partnership. The astrological key here is to be introspective and of devotion and service. Create a sacred space in your playroom by lighting some candles, burning incense, placing an altar, & playing sexy music.
  • New Moon Ritual: This ritual is best done as close to the 27th as possible. The most auspicious time to do so would be on the 26th. Invigorate your space by cleansing and organizing your space or home. It's a great time to start fresh and the Virgo energy is really supportive of organization. Go on a deep clean and organizational journey as much as you have time for. The deeper, the better. As you're cleaning your home, allow this process to be a meditation. Visualize the stagnant and stuck energies in being cleared away in your auric field. Reflect on what your are making space for as you clean. How can your clean home be a reflection of your clean and pure body temple?
Once complete in your cleansing journey, grab your choice of Rose or Blue quartz yoni egg or wand and sitting in front of your new and fresh altar for the new moon, begin a journaling sessions reflecting on the following prompts:
  • How can you fall deeper in love with your imperfections?
  • What does self-love look like for me currently?
  • What can it look like? What is my purpose?
  • How am I here to serve?
Once you feel complete on your journaling practice, write down what your intentions are for what you want to create this lunar cycle, write down an action plan to create that intention, and then set that piece of paper on your altar. Whenever you feel disoriented or lost through the month, you can come back to your intentions and your action plan!
  • Deep Devotion: One of the most powerful and sacred ways to connect with yourself or a partner is a through deep devotion to each other. When you witness each others as Divine beings, as Gods and Goddesses, only mutual respect and devotion can exist. Power play Dominant/submissive dynamics are a great way to explore devotion. Set up a play date with a partner where you can explore these dynamics within the bedroom.
  • Butt Play: Virgo is all about cleansing and resetting. We hold a lot of tension and resistance in our sphincters. If you're feeling adventurous and open, explore working with a crystal butt plug to aid in facilitating opening up to the flow of life and relaxing into any difficult or turbulent circumstances. This is also a powerful practice to experience in devotion play as well. 
Vanessa Kristina
Astrologer and Writer
Vanessa Kristina, founder of Mystik Monark, helps Mystik Misfits to uncover their Divine Purpose and shine light on their shadows through a no-BS spiritual counseling approach. Mystik Monark's mission is to connect Society to Divinity, one soul at a time.
As an Evolutionary Astrologer & Akashic Records Practitioner, Vanessa guides clients out of the existential spiritual closet and through dark nights of the soul so that they can unlock authentic expression and create their dream lives to experience the freedom, joy, and abundance of their soul-selves, through her signature Inner Mystik Mastery program. As a former corporate attorney, she integrates pragmatic actionable guidance with esoteric wisdom, inspiring a deep inner standing of who we are and who we came here to be.

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