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It’s time to reclaim the abuse and misuse of EROS! Mythologically, Eros is the Greek God of love and sex. In the Greek language, eros, is one of the seven types of love ascribed to romance, lust, sexual attraction, and physical love.   The Roman deity counterpart for Eros, is Cupid, the God of love and desire. In present day culture, Valentine's Day goes hand-in-hand with Cupid's presence. Thus, the symbology of being "struck by Cupid's arrow" is synonymous with eros activating the body.   With that, I'd love to take this auspicious moment to introduce the new era of our Yoni Wanderland blog: Eros in Wanderland. A successor to our more prominently astrologically-oriented blog Venus in Wanderland, Eros in Wanderland shifts the focus of...

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