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To be in a state of bliss, is to reach a perfect state of happiness. With this in mind, we have created The Bliss Kit to elevate your state and sexual mastery, in order for you to live a perfect and happy life - all around. 

We have hand-picked these selections of crystals, along with the variation of sizes and styles so that you can attain to according to your daily needs and desires. 

The Petal - Perfect to use daily to massage your body specially your facial skin, breasts, womb, and external of your yoni. Chosen in LILA, to provide tranquility and a restful sleep, remove stress and to center emotions. 

The Yoni Egg Trio - This combination allows you to master all 3 sizes and different weights. Start your practice with the largest, yet lightest crystal and work your way down to the smallest, yet heaviest crystal. Each size comes with the option of drilled and non-drilled for you to choose from, in order to mix-and-match. Once you have mastered each size, you can always turn to these crystals for healing practices and to absorb the crystal vibration from each yoni egg. Don't get discouraged from using a larger size if you have already worked your way down to a smallest, and vice-versa. 

  • Large: Although the largest in dimension, Fire Quartz is lightweight and a great size to start your practice as its size and weight allows you to establish physical and cognitive control of your vaginal movements. It is also easier to feel and hold as it is easier to control. BLUSH enhances vitality, dissolves imbalances, boosts self-esteem, self-worth & self-confidence. 
  • Medium: Once you have mastered the Large yoni egg, you will probably comfortable to leave your house wearing your medium yoni egg inside your Yoni. Nephrite Jade is considered one of the most durable stone for this practice as it is dense and unlike the quartz, does not break as easy and does not crack if placed under boiling water. This is specially beneficial if your egg happens to slips out. JADE has the ability to stimulate the Kidneys, which connects and boots our sexual Chi and empowers orgasmic energies. A great stone to soothe the nervous system, bringing stability and well-being into your life. 
  • Small: Small yoni eggs help build vaginal coordination so doing this practice with a heavy stone like Rhodonite, helps increase this ability and therefore, enhance control, agility and muscle awareness. Until you have mastered the larger sizes, you might want to experiment using this size egg during intercourse, just make sure it is 'non-drilled' to prevent scratching your vaginal wall with the drilled hole. FOREST helps to process and clear emotional wounds and aids in release of fear, a stone that nurtures love and balances the heart chakra. 

Yoni Wands: We refer to them as pleasure wands, as its benefits brings feelings of pleasure beyond just sexual. These wands can yes, be used for erotic stimulation in order to reach mind blowing orgasms, but it also allows you to explore deep inside your yoni to release blockages and tension, stimulate numb or dormant areas and untouched erogenous zones.

We bring ROSIE into this kit in the STRAIGHT wand focusing mainly in the cervix as it is a great tool to stimulate it and infuse it with love. The cervix is the gateway to our heart center and once fully healed, can emerge extreme bliss into your soul. Its bulbous size, falls heavier and promotes feelings of fullness in the vaginal canal which can be very stimulating and satisfying during self-pleasure. 

Using the SLIDE wand to explore every inch of your vaginal canal, its curve design and light-weight promotes a smooth entrance making it perfect to handle and play. CLAIRE helps to unleash vaginal wisdom during self-exploration practices and amplifies sensual sensitivity. Brings purity into your soul and clarity of the mind. 

The WAVE is petite, yet very precise and can assist in digging deeper into the tissue of hard-to-reach spots inside the vaginal canal. This wand is great to explore your G-spot and release tension in areas where you may experience pain. Pairing this wand with CHARM helps to soothe inflammation and brings overall well-being. It is an aphrodisiac and helps stimulate sexual desires while promoting good luck and abundance into your life. 

Kit Includes
  • 1 Petal Crystal - Amethyst
  • 1 Large Yoni Egg -  Fire Quartz 
  • 1 Medium Yoni Egg - Nephrite Jade
  • 1 Small Yoni Egg - Rhodonite
  • 1 Large STRAIGHT Wand - Rose Quartz
  • 1 SLIDE  Wand - Clear Quartz
  • 1 Small WAVE Wand - Green Aventurine
User Guides

Digital Instructions Manual included with KIT purchase