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This candle not only brings in aromatherapeutic attributes into your practice, but it also helps set the mood with its soothing candle-light. Hand-made with natural essential oils and pure soy wax, this candle is perfect to use all over your body once it melts into an oil. Completely free of artificial dyes and chemical additives, a perfect match to your delicate skin.


Let the candle burn for 30-60 minutes prior to use. While the room gets filled with the aroma-therapeutic effects of the essential oils, the soy wax will melt into a massage oil so that you can enjoy it on your skin for hydration and massage. You can pour it directly over your skin or use the wood spoon to apply in desired areas. 


Do not use if you are allergic to SOY!

Be careful when using the candle. It is advisable that you turn off the flame of the candle when using its oil to avoid any hazard.